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She Acted All 12 Zodiac Signs. She Nailed Yours Perfectly?

June 5, 2014

Eli G.

Writer / Contributor

Viral Nano News

Twitter: @Greek_Gemini

Debra Silverman, psychotherapist and astrology professional gives an entertaining look at the 12 different signs of the Zodiac. She drills down on their personality differences, strengths, weaknesses, attractions, sex appeal, and hobbies in a very hilarious fashion! 


Does she nail your sign perfectly?

What gets me about all this, she must have some sort of obsession with the zodiac signs.  I mean she has all the traits down of each and everyone one of the signs of the zodiac.  Does she also understand science?  And gravitational pull?  Could she be in touch with any beings from another dimension?


It's pretty interesting to note that even today in this day and age of science and fact, that mystisism still exists on such a large scale level.  When I was a small child, and a young child, and then a teenager, and even in to my twenties,  I never had any real interest in the zodiacs, astrology.  I studied psychology and behavioural sciences yes, but I always felt like personality traits are more a product of your environement and teachings.


Yet this woman puts all my theories and thoughts and opinions to shame,  She really seems to nail it when describing what feels to me like personal friends of mine based entirely off of their birth days. 

 I wonder, how does one get so informed on the subject of astrology?  Just reading a lot of books?  Meeting a lot of people?  Meditation? She almost becomes a whole new person in each of her videos, as if she is posessed by something or someone else.   Just look at her examples.  Compare, one by one, how different she becomes in each video.  It's pretty intense.


Does she relate to you?  My sign is a scorpio and I just feel like it's pretty accurate.  I mean obviously many of us, regardless of birthday, could carry any or all of these personality traits at different times in different situations throughout life.  But truthfully, doesn't this just feel like she has some sort of inner-connection to the world of the zodiac?  I'm not sure.  You should be the judge.  You decide.  Is this how we really come across to others?  Is this truthfully how we operate?  Entirely off of the alignment of the stars?

Aries - [March 20 - April 20]

Taurus - [April 21 - May 21]

Gemini - [May 22 - June 21]

Cancer - [June 22 - July 22]

Leo - [July 23 - August 22]

Virgo - [August 23 - September 22]

Libra - [September 23 - October 22]

Scorpio - [October 23 - November 23

Sagittarius - [November 23 - December 21]

Capricorn - [December 22 - January 20]

Aquarius - [January 21 - February 19]

Pisces - [February 20 - March 19]

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